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4-Day Summer Ayurvedic Cleanse

Love your Gut this Summer with Living Ayurvedically

A guided, supportive cleansing program

to rebalance and awaken the element of fire in the body.

Pitta, the body constitution known to be made out of fire and water.

This is Ayurveda, the five thousand years old herbal medicine able to work in alleviating symptoms in the present and the prevention of more complex illnesses as the body ages.

Observing nature throughout the year, we are reminded how change is essential for life.

Business could give to life an element of being more mechanic and detached from nature and the body.

From the cycle of the year, our bodies go through a phase of opening and closing.

Think about autumn, when the preference is to go within and slowing down to welcome the stillness of winter; then from winter the underground life begins pushing for us to experience a sort of rebirth and coming out of our wintry cocoon.

From the lively awakening of spring into the full opening and ripening of summer.

Life is about transitioning and nothing more than Ayurveda & Yoga explains and teaches us how to do so.

The nourishing tools offered in this cleanse will guide you into a renewed relationship with yourself.

Highlighting subtle changes that could significantly improve physical and mental well-being.

Summer is the season where we blossom, opening to our fullness, seeing and revealing part of the Self still unseen or unexplored yet.


Red, inflamed rash, acne, cold sores

Acute inflammation in the body or joints

Acid reflux, gastric or peptic ulcers, heartburn

Nausea or discomfort upon missing meals

Loose stools

Uncomfortable feeling of heat in the body

Recurring headache

Frustration, anger, irritability

Judgment, impatience, criticism, intolerance

Red, inflamed or light-sensitive eyes

Excessive perfectionist tendencies


Full Cleanse

The Full Cleanse includes 4-Day morning/evening yoga, One Sharing Circle, a 75min Consultation on Ayurvedic Nutrition and lifestyle

A pdf with a tailored diet according to the participant's lifestyle and health condition will assist with the 4-day cleansing process.

Pdf Material on the Ayurvedic principles

**possible herbal remedies excluded from the basic price

Partial Cleanse

The Partial Cleanse includes 4-Day morning yoga and One Sharing Circle - There is no initial consultation with the partial cleanse -

A pdf with a generic seasonal diet according to Pitta season will assist with the 4-day cleansing process.

Pdf Material on the Ayurvedic Principles

Yoga-Only Cleanse

The yoga-only cleanse provides a regular morning practice to induce a cleansing effect on the body and mind as a result, a deeper connection to the soul.

~ Opening & Closing circles included



Increased vitality and sense of well-being

Igniting the digestive fire by giving a break to the digestive system

Aids digestion and absorption of food nutrients

Reduce inflammation

Improve the quality of sleep

A clearerer mind

Reduced bloating and IBS ( Irritable bowel movement )

Highly support bowel movement helping constipation

Aids circulation through a clean diet and yoga practice

Strengthen immunity

Improve your relationships with food and emotional eating

A deeper relationship with your Body

Clear mind

Clearer thinking, positive thoughts and quicker response to Life -

Ability to see clearly self-sabotage in personal life and relationships

Many have experienced a sense of lightness in body, mind and spirit

Weight loss and water retention


Following the registration, participants will receive an email from the organiser - Maitri - A call will be arranged to book the Initial 75' Ayurvedic consultation.

( Which will take place between July 1st- 16th )

During the consultation, an assessment will be made on how the shifting of the season has influenced mentally, physically and emotionally.

The practitioner will then suggest and tailor a diet according to the routine of the participant.

By modifying the diet with the combination of two daily 60' of kundalini yoga and meditation morning/evening practice the body and mind will be brought into harmony.

Some herbal remedies might be shared according to the body imbalance for the length of the cleanse.

**Cleansing Herbal kit Excluded from the Basic Price.

Moderation is the key, maintaining the benefits is our priority



Opening Circle Friday July 19th -19:30- 20:30 UK Time - No recordings - Compulsary

A 75minutes Zoom Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation

Tailored dietary according to the Ayurvedic & Yogic tradition to use as a reference for Pitta season -Pdf material-

8 Live Online 60' Morning & Evening sessions of Gentle cleansing and Regenerative Kundalini yoga in the morning and pranayam and meditation in the evening.

From 7:00- 8:00 AM & PM GMT

**A participation of 6 live classes is required to take part in the cleanse

Sharing Circle ~ On July 27th at 8:00pm GMT after our class - Compulsary

Dates for the diary:

Opening Circle Friday July 19th -19:30 UK Time - 60' 

- no yoga practice only introducing participants -

Cleanse begins July 25th

Sharing Circle Saturday 27th 

- As usual after the yoga practice -

Closing circle with final session Sunday 28th

- 15' After the yoga practice

2 Possible Recordings to choose on the following days

 Thursday evening

Friday morning and evening

Saturday morning

Sunday morning

In case of living in a different time zone, the recordings of the classes will be sent daily to practice when most convenient for you ~ for all levels ~

Ayurvedic Pdf Knowledge:

Ayurveda and its basic principles

A basic understanding of Pitta season and how this element manifests in the body's functioning

Make herbal remedies at home for Pitta season



Cleansing is a journey, it requires time and dedication for the body/mind to adjust especially when integrating changes in our diet and a new lifestyle.

Our ability to cleanse body and mind at times comes gradually and with incredible kindness so that the new inputs can be a positive change, staying in your routine, and consolidate as new habits after the cleanse.

Depending on where you are at in your life, here is the learning for your next step in consciousness.

Homemade food, vegetarianism or veganism are recommended if possible as part of the cleanse as it deeply influences the outcome. However, don't let it stop you and contact us to co-create your own dietary plan.

A small step is the beginning of a new journey!

Read below testimonials from previous and regular participants


Ayurveda is a wellness practice that originated in India and is about 5,000 years old.

The word "Ayurveda" is a combination of two Sanskrit words that mean life (Ayur) and science (Veda). The literal translation of Ayurveda is "the science of life."

Ayurvedic medicine seeks to create a healthy strong body through a series of diet, exercise and lifestyle practices, including sleep and mindful living.

In the life of everything that exists in nature, there is always a beginning, a middle and an end in regard to time.

Ayurveda also believes there are three seasons each year represented by these three Doshas known as the Vata, Pitta & Kapha Seasons.

Weather and seasonal changes affect our balance. Everyone can benefit from adapting their routine to the season.


I am enjoying the yoga, the advice and the tips about kundalini and Ayurveda. I feel as if this cleanse is bringing me a step further toward my real self, I feel more in touch with who I am. The group energy and support is brilliant and of course dear Maitri's humor, knowledge, experience and skills are a real blessing!

Sue from Cologne

I have experienced quite a beautiful phenomenal journey with Maitri, developing and growing throughout to a healthier realm. Primarily upon meeting, I was overwhelmed with a heavy heart full of grief. I had physical discomfort managing my complex gynecological problems of uterine fibroids and endometritis.

Working together we reduced my inflammation and swelling, stabilised my emotions and sorrow. I have attended several seasonal cleanses, Ayuverdic consultations. I had a series of 1-2-1 sessions and attend weekly meditation & pranayama classes.

Through kundalini yoga I have experienced a wonderful spiritual connection, finding my bliss! Working with Maitri I have been moved physically, emotionally and spiritually - elevated. Maitri's kind encouragement, grace and wisdom have provided me with a safe, enlightening healing space that has been nurturing, soothing and divine. I thank you Maitri with all my might for your blessings.

Catherine W. from UK

I entered into this experience with an open mind and a heavy heart. I knew I had some healing to do. Maitri's kindness softened my heart and allowed me to be kinder to myself. Her modeling, guidance and care are real.

The cleanse and meditation practice gave me permission to observe triggers and to let go of my reactive nature. In slowing down, listening and limiting distractions, the body tells you what it needs. The body is a reflection of the mind's condition; the mind seeks peace. It isn't about finding a cure, it's about finding balance, letting go and discovering the joy in living.

K.D From Savannah US


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