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Love your Gut with Kundalini Yoga

8-Day Online Course 7:00-8:00am BST | Arrival 6:55 -Recordings Available

  • 1 h
  • From 10.60 British pounds
  • Zoom Online- Recordings Available

Service Description

- The first week we practice on Mon- Tue- Thu- Fri - - Second week on Mon- Wed- Thu- Fri - 🔥Digestive health on the yoga mat with Kundalini yoga. 🧘🏼‍♀️New Students Welcome Promo £10 Believe it or not, summer is the season where we ensure for a balanced autumn and winter, with healthy digestion, body warmth, glandular balanced and mind sharpness. 🔥In this course, the attention is on the abdomen. A gentle core abdominal Kundalini Yoga journey to ignite, re-balance and distribute the element of fire -Pitta - Water and Fire element- in the body and mind to bring in your life. Read more on the course structure and benefits. _____________ :: Winter, spring, summer and autumn :: For the body, mind and soul this natural cycle can require an incredible amount of energy, internal and external support. In the Ayurvedic and yogic tradition, we accompany the totality of the body, from the skeletal to the endocrine system to assist at its best this constant cyclical change called life. This season brings our attention to the digestion. The element of Fire, in Ayurveda called Pitta. How are we feeling after our meals? Sleepy, bloated, heavy, irritable or maybe always hungry? Do we experience acid reflux, excessive burping, headache or feel physically too hot or cold even when warm outside? In these months approaching summer, or better say the British summer, our focus will be to cultivate and rebalance the element of the fire in the body and mind. This process will involve anything that includes opening, softening, unlocking, to bring awareness on what is there and where the physical and mind limitations are. :: THIS PRACTICE WILL INVOLVE THE FOLLOWING TOOLS Breathwork - Pranayama Kundalini kriya - Asana sequence Meditation - Dynamic or in stillness with mudras and mantras :: EFFECTS ON THE BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT Feeling energetic Alive Flexible Agile Clarity Emotional and Karmic cleansing Relieving depression Feeling lighter Elevate the spirit Creative Open to the new Aligned with Nature and the Divine

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93A Weston Park, London N8 9PR, UK

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