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8-Day Online Ayurvedic Autumn Cleanse ~ Stay Nurtured during Vata Season ~

Updated: Sep 28

When: 6th October - 13th October 2023

Where: Online (via Zoom)

With this cleanse you will receive...

- 75minutes Zoom Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation - Tailored dietary according to the Ayurvedic & Yogic tradition to use as a reference for Vata season -Pdf material- - 8 Live Online 60 minutes Morning sessions of Dynamic and Regenerative Kundalini yoga, pranayam and meditation. From 19:00- 20:00 BST In case of living in a different time zone, the recording of the class will be sent daily to practice when most convenient for you ~for all levels ~ A participation of 4 live classes is required to take part in the cleanse ~ Opening Circle happening on Sunday, October 1st at 2pm BST -compulsory for the three stages of cleansing - - One weekly Live Online Zoom Check-in Sharing Circle - Compulsory - happening on Monday, October 9th, 20:00- 21:00 BST


£45 Early Bird/ £55 Full Price Join the Partial cleanse: With a generic seasonal diet, 8 days of yoga, plus opening and sharing circle. £85 Early Bird/ £100 Full Price Join the Full cleanse: With a personalised Ayurvedic consultation, nutritional plan, 8 days of yoga, plus opening and sharing circle. £35 Yogi Cleansing Only: 8 days of breathwork, yoga, meditation & chanting plus the Opening Circle.

*** Early Bird registration ends 1st September ***

More Details....

A guided healthy transition into Autumn with the ancient tradition of Ayurveda and its sister's science Yoga.

The three pillars of Ayurveda are Lifestyle, Nutrition, and Herbal remedies. Late fall and winter are known as “Vata season” because they are marked by some of the same qualities that characterize Vata: cold, dry, light, clear, and moving. As long as these qualities are in balance, a person whose dosha is predominantly Vata will be healthy, creative and exuberant. The elements of the Vata season In the Northern hemisphere, the season shifts from warmer and moist tending toward dry and cold in the autumn and winter – this is known as the Vata season in Ayurveda. Vata Dosha is composed of air & ether and is qualified by action, transportation and movement. Vata is considered the “King of Doshas” as it energizes the other two Doshas (Pitta and Kapha). When an excess of Vata accumulates in the body and mind, the imbalance may manifest as physical or emotional disorders, including insomnia, dry skin, digestive issue, constipation and bloating, anxiety, and a sense of being depleted and overwhelmed. All body types are vulnerable to Vata derangement during autumn and winter, but those who are predominantly Vata types need to be particularly vigilant about staying in balance. _______________________ There are new modalities to participate in the cleansing journey to facilitate and make the process easier/accessible for anyone wishing to join/return and receive the benefits of the sister's science of Ayurveda & Yoga.

:: PDF with Ayurvedic Knowledge - Home-made herbal recipes for Vata season - Body self-care according to the Ayurvedic tradition - A basic understanding of Vata Season and how this element manifest in the body functioning and daily body routine -Pdf material-

:: Signs of a Vata imbalance include: Dryness of skin, hair, ears, lips, joints Dryness internally – bloat, gas, constipation, dehydration, weight loss Dry and lightness of the mind – restlessness, dizziness, feeling ungrounded Cold: poor circulation, muscle spasm or constriction, asthma, pain/aches, tightness Roughness, especially skin and lips Excessive movement: anxiety, fidgeting, agitation, muscle twitching, palpitations :: Following this 8 days Ayurvedic Cleanse you will experience - Aids digestion and absorption of food nutrients - Igniting the digestive fire by giving a break to the digestive system - Reduce inflammation - A lower sense of anxiety - Improve the quality of sleep - Highly support the bowel movement reducing constipation - Reduced bloating and IBS ( Irritable bowel movement ) - Aids circulation through a clean diet and yoga practice - Strengthen the immune system - Improve your relationships with food and emotional eating - A deeper relationship with your Body - Clearer thinking, positive thoughts and quicker response to Life - - Ability to see clearly self-sabotage in personal life and relationships - Increased calmness and sense of well-being - Many have experienced a sense of lightness in body, mind, and spirit - Weight loss and water retention :: Cleansing is a journey It requires time and dedication for the body/mind to adjust especially when coming from an unhealthy lifestyle. Our ability to cleanse body and mind at times comes gradually and with incredible kindness so that the new inputs can be a positive change in staying in your routine as new habits after the cleanse. Depending on where you are at in your life there's learning for your next step in consciousness. Home-made food and vegetarianism/veganism are highly recommended when possible as part of the cleanse as it can deepen the outcome. However, don't let it stop you and contact us to co-create your own dietary plan, a small step is the beginning of a new journey! :: Who can take part in this cleanse? Anyone willing to look after their physical and mental health. Anyone ready to gradually change their lifestyle to integrate a natural approach to preventing the ups and downs of aging and seasonal change. Experienced and new yoga lovers that wish to practice for 8 days with a worldwide community of like-minded people. Those interested to introduce Ayurveda as a remedy for life that guarantees a kind interaction with the whole individual, mentally, physically, and spiritually. :: The Cleanse Step by Step When the registration form will come through, participants will receive an email from the organiser requesting to suggest dates and timing for the first step of the cleanse, the Ayurvedic consultation. ( Taking place between Sep 6th to the 29th ) During the consultation, the practitioner will discuss and tailor a diet according to the routine of the patient. The modification of the diet combined with daily 60 minutes of kundalini yoga and meditation evening practice, will bring the body and mind into a state of harmony. There are no dietary restrictions on the kind of food or quantities unless the patient presents major health problems; the aim is to reduce the Vata imbalances listed above. Each participant will benefit and learn from this gentle cleansing experience. Seasonal herbal remedies might be recommended according to the body imbalance for the length of the cleanse or longer when necessary. ** Please note: Herbal remedies are excluded from the price of the cleanse and will be agreed upon during the consultation About the organiser: Maitri is an Ayurvedic nutritionist and yoga teacher specializing in addiction and the prevention of relapses. Maitri has lived in England since 2009 - currently based in Crouch End - London. It is here that she studied with a renowned Sri Lankan doctor who passed on the teachings of supporting the body and mind to age gracefully. Maitri shares her passion and knowledge on the secrets of Indian medicine, in person and live online with patients in England, Europe, United States and Canada. This contributes to the psychophysical well-being of their patients, who over time have rediscovered the joy of living through balance and knowledge of their own bodies.

Since 2015, Maitri has created the Online Ayurvedic Cleansing program with daily Kundalini Yoga sessions taking place seasonally . An online program that includes a personalized diet according to the individual's possibilities, daily kundalini yoga and, in some cases, a composition of detoxifying herbs centered on the purification of body and mind. The cleansing program can be done individually or in groups depending on the patient needs. There are currently four annual cleansing cycles in England -in English- in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, with participants across Europe, America and Canada; and four in Italy -in Italian- where patients from all over Italy join in the same seasonal appointments. For those in need of an alternative self-care system here is an oppportunity to experience the old science of Ayurveda applied in a more modern time to contribute to ahigher level of well-being.


I have known Maitri for many years and I have done many practices with her: meditations, healing treatments, and seasonal Cleanse courses.. Each of these occasions has contributed enormously to my personal and spiritual growth, to my general psychophysical well-being and to the growth of my awareness and self-knowledge. Working with Maitri touches deep chords, with benefits that truly manifest themselves over time. Gennj From Italy Cleanse Why? If you seek balance, knowledge and experience, you must have the courage to be vulnerable, valuable and open to change. Maitri is a kind, gentle guide. She takes you at your own pace, helps to form a community and gives you a lasting impression of what can be achieved. Always becoming. K.D From Savannah US The cleanse is a complete experience, with the practices and diet guidelines but also an individual health consultation to make the diet adapted to what I am needing right now in this season, and the morning group class live online is great fun! I have done two cleanses now and each has been different and guiding me back to reconnect to myself, slow down and be mindful about how I spend my days. I would recommend participating and giving it a try. Maitri S.K has provided individual support that has been healing to my physical body as well as mentally reevaluating my habits. I. M from Luxembourg I took part in the summer ayurvedic and kundalini cleanse with Maitri for the first time this year and am very pleased that I could be a part of this supportive and caring group of people. Maitri is an excellent teacher, providing information, tips, explanations and encouragement on many areas of Ayurveda and kundalini. Aligning the two is personally the perfect combination for feeding, motivating and healing the body, mind and soul, increasing awareness and mindfulness. After completing the 8 days I feel centered, content and at peace and will take part in the Autumn cleanse this year, something I can only recommend to everyone who feels the need to reassess their lives, their habits and themselves. Thank you Maitri for providing a safe and welcoming space for all of us. S.M From Germany

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